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Voices from the Co-Location Battlefield

March 29, 2010

Monique Anderson from PS 30 in Harlem says, “The DOE never told us what rooms we would lose. They never told us what programs would be cut. They never explained how our special ed classes would be affected. The only thing we were told was that this would have “no impact” on us. This is also the one thing we know is not true….”

Jessica Santos from P94 on the Lower East Side says, “The children in P94M are all on the Autism Spectrum and most have challenges regarding any change to their routines. Their routines have been disrupted five separate times in five years.  Well I am saying that enough is enough, our children are not pawns on a chess board to be moved around as DOE sees fit….”

Cynthia Bonano from PS 188 says, “Our cafeteria is used from 10am to 2pm. Our one large gym is already shared by 3 school programs. We are the last neighborhood school on East Houston Street. Is this fair to let them destroy our program and take away seats from our neighborhood children?….”

Jonell Pluck from IS 302 says, “The DOE has demonstrated their lack of respect not only towards the students, but to the parents. DoE has not included parents in the decision-making process –  instead they made their plans, stated what will be done and basically told the parents this is what you have to accept because your opinion does not matter….”

Click here to read full testimonies from these parents

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