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This Is “No Impact”?

March 31, 2010

This past Monday, the State Education Commissioner received a formal complaint from parents at PS 188 and PS 94 on the Lower East Side and Advocates for Children against the PEP’s vote to expand Girls Prep Charter School.  Filed days after a state court ruled that the Department of Education failed to accurately assess the impact of 19 school closings, the complaint documents that the DOE failed to accurately assess the impact of the Girls Prep expansion on PS 188 and PS 94 students, including

  • Impact on autistic adolescent boys at PS 94 of sharing a library, technology room and science room with elementary and middle school girls from Girls Prep
  • Elimination of 4th and 5th grades at PS 94 without consideration of the impact on autistic children in the district
  • Inaccurate school capacity data: placement of 1200 people in a building with a safety plan for 920 students

At a press conference announcing the complaint, parents from four other  schools facing co-location disputed the DOE’s claims that there will be “no impact” on students in their schools, and announced their readiness to also file complaints if there is an impact.

Watch this video clip from the press conference!

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