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City Council Passes Resolution to Fix Schools Instead of Closing Them

May 26, 2010

Yesterday the NYC City Council voted unanimously in favor of Resolution 157A supporting CEJ’s School Transformation Zone, an alternative approach to school turnaround that would improve low-performing schools so they don’t have to be closed.

Councilmember Robert Jackson, who introduced the resolution, said the resolution “reflects the view of many parents, educators, advocates and elected officials…that DOE has a responsibility to help struggling schools rather than just taking the easy way out by closing them.”

The School Transformation Zone would use federal School Improvement Grants (SIG) and other funds for school turnaround to implement comprehensive reform plans in the lowest-performing schools. Struggling schools could apply to join the Zone and redesign teaching and learning. The resolution is timely because in the next two weeks, NY State school districts must submit their plans to the state for how they will use SIG funds to turn around their persistently lowest-achieving schools. There are 34 of these schools in NYC. The School Transformation Zone has been endorsed by over 70 elected officials, academics, advocates, faith leaders and Community Education Councils.

Click here to read the City Council Resolution. And watch a video of the vote below.

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  1. Olaiya Deen permalink
    May 28, 2010 10:15 pm

    What has and continues to dismay me are the what I consider to be purposeful negation. . that 700 million is the top, there isn’t any assured identification that we would receive that top dollar. 2. the restriction applied to these funds, they can not be applied to abate budget deficits in education. 3. how much of these fiunds would really reach the actual classrooms? 4. who has addressed the over the top cost applied to the DOE/Mayor no bid contracts.5. not lease is why aren’t charter schools paying some token occupation fee to the host schools, which really could go to that schools augmenting needs in a austere climate such as what we are faced with?
    Obama’s rush to sucess is a generic plan which negates specfics as related to geographical diaspora.


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