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Parents Demand Missing Test Scores from DOE

October 15, 2010

By Zakiyah Ansari

It’s October 14th, do you know where your child’s test scores are?

Yesterday it was 46 days since school began and many parents still have not received their child’s individual test scores. So two dozen parents and community members from the NYC Coalition of Educational Justice marched to Tweed to deliver a letter to Chancellor Joel Klein. The letter had a simple request: give us a date by which schools have to give parents their children’s test scores.

How are we as parents supposed to support our children at home and school if we don’t know where they are struggling and need help?

Myself, Raoufa Ali and Jose Gonzalez were designated to represent the group. We asked to speak to the Chancellor and were told that he wasn’t there, but Maura Keaney, Director of External Affairs, would speak to us.

The conversation with Ms. Keaney was more like a reprimand that you might get from your mother if you were 10 and did something wrong that came with her pointing finger and the raising of her voice. She totally disrespected us as parents, and was demeaning and dismissive of the reason we were there, and denied that this situation is a problem.

Every parent in NYC deserves to have the important, detailed information about the specific areas that their children didn’t do well on in their test, and to have this information delivered to their home or given out at school. And the DOE has to take responsibility to make sure that is happening. Yet their only response was ARIS. The reality is that not every parent has access to a computer or is computer literate.

After being sent to our rooms by Ms. Keaney, parents caucused and decided that enough was enough and that we weren’t leaving until someone came back out to speak to us. So we decided to have a sit-in at the entrance of Tweed.

Why is the DOE so afraid of us receiving our scores? Is it that they know when parents actually find out their test scores they won’t be fooled anymore? No more business as usual! Do you know where your test scores are?

Watch the video below to see what happened.


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  1. Michael M. permalink
    October 16, 2010 12:42 am

    What happened post sit-in?
    What happened to the video?

    • October 18, 2010 1:14 pm

      The video is working again, sorry about that.
      The DOE agreed to put the announcement in Principals Weekly again and to tell all the networks to remind principals to distribute the scores. But they did not give parents a deadline by which scores had to be distributed. We will be back!

  2. October 17, 2010 4:56 pm

    Yes We Can! Si Se Puede!

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