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Parents and Elected Officials Rally to Save PS 114

February 25, 2011
by Michael Hall

The Department of Education has failed PS 114.  We did everything that we were supposed to do and because of poor management and the Department of Education’s failure to listen to us, we are now being slated to be closed. We are not a failing school, instead the DOE has failed us.

When our principal, Maria Penna-Herrera overspent the budget by $180,000, the teachers and parents of PS 114 tried to let the DOE know that there was a problem, but the DOE failed to listen.  When they finally removed her, they had the nerve to charge the school the money that they allowed her to take. They literally took the funds that were to be used to educate my kids and all the children of PS 114. Without these funds we were forced to cut our gifted program, our math and reading tutoring, 2/3 of our guidance counselors and our after school program. Our kids don’t even have textbooks to learn from.

How are we supposed to educate our kids if the DOE is not giving us the support that we need?  We need the DOE to stop trying to sweep their mistakes under the rug and instead give us at PS 114 the funds and support necessary to succeed.

Michael Hall is a parent from PS 114
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