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Parents, Community Protest Sen. Golden for Protecting Millionaires Instead of Kids!

March 23, 2011


School bus of concerned taxpayers, parents visits Sen. Golden’s office in Brooklyn to call for continued Millionaire’s Tax to prevent unnecessary cuts and demonstrated largest potential transfer of wealth in history from low- and middle-income NYers to wealthiest, by presenting an oversized check from Sen. Golden to Donald Trump

Concerned taxpayers and parents gathered with other advocates today at Sen. Martin Golden’s Brooklyn office to call on the senator to reverse his stated position, and to take a pivotal stand against Governor Cuomo’s proposed tax break for the wealthy and record cuts to critical services.

Sen. Golden’s constituents and others demanded he join the broad majority of New Yorkers in supporting the current progressive tax under which New York’s wealthiest pay a fair share.  Cuomo’s proposed tax cut for millionaires would cost New Yorkers $4.6 billion this coming fiscal year, including $565 million that would be taken away from the City’s schoolchildren.

“It’s very disappointing,” said Bay Ridge resident Margaret Hatak.  “The future of this country is education and Sen. Golden is throwing that away for millionaires.  How could they cut our schools while the rich are getting tax breaks?”

“I don’t understand why Sen. Golden prefers to enrich millionaires over enriching my child’s education,” said Fort Hamilton High School parent Vicky Deluca.  “More layoffs will mean more crowded classrooms.  How are kids supposed to learn this way? More budget cuts spoils the quality of education my daughter is getting and her chances at having a successful career in the future.”

A proposed compromise by the State Assembly would limit the levy on highest earners to only taxpayers who earn $1 million a year or more in taxable income—or just .2 percent of Golden’s constituents.  Statewide, more than 99 percent of New Yorkers would not be affected by keeping the tax on those who can most afford it.

One Republican senator and the Democratic Senate majority already support an extension of the Millionaire’s Tax.  The Senate is split 32-30, Republicans to Democrats.  The budget is due April 1.

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