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It’s EdVox’s FIRST Birthday!

April 1, 2011

365 days ago, EdVox was born. Many insightful, news-breaking posts later, EdVox has seen what is happening in NYC public schools and amplified the voices of parents, students, educators and community members fighting to improve education in NYC’s low-income communities of color. Now, more than ever, EdVox hopes to turn it up and keep on growing!

EdVox’s only birthday wish is for YOU to ask your friends and family to subscribe to the blog- help spread the word! Wish EdVox a happy birthday on Facebook & Twitter!

Who is EdVox?

EdVox is “verus vox vocis”, real voices of the people. Too often, our voices are absent from discussions about education policy.

EdVox is a South Bronx mother who walks her children to overcrowded, under resourced, neighborhood public schools; EdVox is a Co-Op City father who drives his children to thriving Harlem charter schools.

EdVox is a student in Washington Heights getting dual language education; EdVox is an English language learner from Jackson Heights translating for her parents at parent-teacher night.

EdVox is in Corona Queens dreamily awaiting going to college; EdVox is in Bushwick Brooklyn awaiting passage of the DREAM Act so he can go to college.

EdVox is a Muslim family whose hijab wearing daughters might not be safe in school today; EdVox is the grandmother sending her grandchildren to Catholic school to ensure they will be safe today.

EdVox is the shamefully few Black and Latino students admitted to NYC specialized high schools; EdVox is all of the other children nationwide idly left behind.

EdVox is a 17-year old college freshman who is tuned in and turned on; EdVox is a 17-year old high school freshman who has turned off and is ready to drop out.

EdVox is one agent of change in the White House; Ed Vox is all parents united to be agents of change in every public schoolhouse.

I am EdVox. Are you?


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