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In Case You Missed It: Weekly News Roundup

October 23, 2012
New York City will file a controversial proposal with the state for the authority to certify its own district teachers, currently the responsibility of teacher preparation programs at colleges and universities.  Not surprisingly, the proposal drew strong criticism from those who said that the DOE does not have a strong enough track record of training teachers to take on the initiative.  In any event, it seems The Success Academy Charter Schools network doesn’t want to wait: They’re funding and staffing a Master’s program at Touro College that also culminates in certification.
Parents in the South Bronx’s District 9 want more — more attention from the city, more intervention to target persistently failing schools, and more rigorous education for their children.
After years of promising to create a Parent Academy, Chancellor Walcott finally got more specific about the launch.  They have created a preliminary website with more information.
School closure disrupts learning and damages communities, and New York isn’t alone.  Voices of advocates in cities across the country are growing louder, and the impacts of closure on students, funding, and equitable education more generally cannot be ignored.

Are you smarter than a gifted NYC kindergartener?

The city publicized plans to make the exam for admission in the gifted and talented kindergarten program more rigorous, in part an effort to accommodate multilingual students.  But what does it mean?
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